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Аvocado tartare with shrimps 
Shtrimps in olive oil with avocado
and tomatoes tartar
160/60 g. 580 rub.
Fish platter
Platter with marinated salmon, oil fish, herring and smoked scallops
250 g. 590 rub. 

Scallops tartar

Shipped fillet of salmon with avocado and marinated herbs, with citrus dressing

120 g. 450 rub.

Salmon Carpaccio

Sliced filet of salmon with lemon dressing  and green mix

80/40 g  420 rub.
Beef Carpaccio
Sliced beef filet with grained mustard dressing, red onion and rocket salad
 140 g.  420 rub. 

Parma's  proshuta with pear and "Alpen Blue"

Italian ham with pear, "Alpen Blue" cheese and ruccola, seasoned with dressing of 

mustard and honey

 160 g  410 rub.
Meat platter
Platter with Parm ham, duck breast, carbonate, smoked beef and tomato salsa
140/40 g.  410 rub. 
Cheese platter
 290 g.   590 rub. 
Avocado “Caprese” 
Italian salad with tomatoes, “Mozzarella” cheese and avocado
210 g. 420 rub.

Appetizer of eggplants with feta cheese

Grilled eggplants marinated with garlic and stufed with bell pepper and feta cheese.

170 g. 360 rub.
Quail nest  
Salad with quail eggs and chicken filet on the bed of rocket salad 
170 g. 310 rub.
Caesar salad: 
  • with chicken (with chicken and crispy bacon)
  • with shrimps (with shrimps and cоnkase tomatoes)
  • with salmon (with marinated salmon and ginger)

120 g. 

115 g. 

115 g.

260 rub. 

320 rub. 

320 rub. 
Iceberg lettuce with smoked chicken filet, marinaded shrimps and anchovies dressing
130 g. 320 rub.

Salad with turkey and avocado

Leaves of Iceberg lettuce with turkey and avocado, paprika and dressing of mayonnaise and lyme.

160 g.  310 rub. 

Octopus salad

Octopus with potatoes and tomatoes, seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice

160 g 520 rub.

Salad of shrimps and avocado 

Mix of green salads with avokado, tiger shrimps and dressing of lemon and olive oil

 160 g  360 rub.

Salad with salmon and ruccola

Marinated salmon with ruccola, avocado and grapefruit, seasoned with dressing of lemon and honey  

 170 g 390 rub. 
French beef - salad 
Green lettuce mix with beefsteak, fresh vegetables and pine nuts
 200 g.  450 rub. 

Salad with ruccola and chips of bacon

Ruccola with chips of bacon, vegetables, pine nuts and slices of parmesan,napped with balsamic dressing

140 g 350 rub.
Greek salad 
Traditional salad of the Greek cuisine made of fresh vegetables with Feta cheese and oregano
220 g.  250 rub. 

Salat with rucola and chips of bacon

Rocket salat with fresh vegetables, "Brundza" cheese and pinenuts dressing with balsamico and olive oil

160 g. 360 rub
Vegetable platter
Platter with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper and green leaves
250 g.  290 rub. 
Vitamin salad
Mixed green lettuce, fresh vegetables with citrus dressing
150 g.  220 rub.

Gazpacho with avocado and scallops 

Spanish cold tomato soup with tartar of avocado and scallops 

250 g 350 rub
Broccoli potage with porcini   
Creamy broccoli soup with slices of porcini
250 g. 190 rub.
Mushroom cream soup
Creamy soup with fresh mushrooms
250 g.  190 rub. 


Traditional French fish soup

280 g. 370 rub.

Porcini mushrooms cappuccino

Creamy mushroom soup with cream and milk

250 g 250 rub.
Salmon soup 
Creamy soup with salmon and green herbs
250 g.  240 rub. 

Minestrone with cheese tortellini

Italian soup with vegetables, tomatoes and cheese tortellini

250 g. 210 rub.
With vegetables, egg and noodle
250 g.   130 rub. 
Mozzarella ''Genovesse'' 
Bacon stuffed with '' Mozzarella'' cheese, 
grilled with eggplant and ''Genovese'' sauce
190 g. 460 rub.

 Mushrooms with Alpen Blue.

Breaded mushrooms with Alpen Blue cheese and tartar sauce

180/30/40 g. 350 rub.
Snails bourguignon 
Traditional French hot appetizer
130/110 g. 850 rub.
Mussels ''Ligurian Style''
Marinaded mussels under Parmesan cheese crust
160/50 g. 460 rub.

Risotto "Porcini"

Risotto with porcini mushrooms, ehite vine and parmesan

270 g. 370 rub.
Risotto ''Frutti di Mare'' 
Traditional Italian dish cooked from rice with mussels, octopus, shrimps and cuttlefish
  350 g.   520 rub.
Risotto “Al Verde”
Risotto with wild mushrooms, smoked ham and parmesan
300 g.   440 rub. 
Spaghetti ''Marinara''  
Italian pasta with selected seafood, tomatoes and basil
350 g. 560 rub.
Spagetti "Extravaganza" 330 g. 490 rub.
Fussili with salmon and zucchini
Italian pasta with salmon sauce, zucchini, white wine, cream and dill
320 g.  460 rub. 

 Fusilli with turkey and Alpen Blue cheese.

Italian pasta in cream sauce with Alpen Blue cheese with turkey and broccoli

320 g. 440 rub.

Penne with chicken and arugula pesto

Penne in creamy sauce with arugula Pesto and chicken

320 g. 390 rub.
Fettucini with beef, tomato sauce, olives and capers
 320 g.   460 rub. 
Tagliatelli with smoked ham and mushrooms
Italian pasta in creamy sauce with ham and mushrooms
  320 g.  410 rub. 
Spaghetti in creamy sauce with crispy bacon and Parmesan
320 g.  390 rub. 

Tiger shrimps "Cajun"

Grilled tiger shtrimps in spice with avocado puree and a mix of lettuce and herbs

160/150 g. 650 rub.
Tiger shrimps ''Romesco'' 
Grilled tiger shrimps with tomato, almond and fruit vinegar sauce
 110/130/80 гр  690 руб 
Tiger shrimps with fennel and avocado 
Grilled tiger shrimps garnished with fennel, tomato and avocado
 120/180/10 гр  690 руб

Seabass with smoked mussels

Filet of seabass with smoked mussels, pine nuts and white wine sauce with mashed potatoes and grilled lime

160/200/60 g. 790 rub.

Gilt-head bream "Nisoaz"

Filet of gilt-head bream, baked with black olives, capers and white wine.

Served with boiled potatoes and fennel.

150/150/40 g. 730 rub.

Gilt-head bream "Provence stile"

Filet of gilt-head bream. grilled with sauce of tomatoes, capers and olive oil,

garnished with spinach and potatoes.

150/180/40 g. 740 rub.
Salmon with avocado sauce 
Grilled filet of salmon with avocado and lime sauce garnished with rice  and broccoli
160/120/60 g. 650 rub.
Steamed salmon
Steamed salmon with broccoli, carrot and zucchini
160/150 g.  580 rub.
Salmon “Cajun”  
Steamed salmon with broccoli, carrot and zucchini
 160/150 g.  610 rub.

Salmon with pine nuts salsa

Filet of salmon grilled with salsa of pine nuts, olives and olive oil garnished with potatoes and spinach

180/150/30 гр   610 rub.

Salmon with creamy pistachio sauce

Filet of salmon grilled with pistacio cream sauce, garnished with rice and steamed vegetables

160/150/40 g. 630 rub.
Trout  “Triestin style”   
Smoked rainbow trout grilled with vegetabls and almond salsa
115/150/20 g.  530 rub.
''Filetto Rossini''  
Beefsteak with proscuitto, ''Groer'' cheese and truffle
190/120/10 g.  730 rub. 
Beefsteak ''Red Wine''  
Grilled beefsteak with red wine sauce and grilled vegetables
160/120/50 g.   650 rub. 
Beefsteak “Pepper”  
Beefsteak in spicy green pepper with French fries and steamed vegetables
160/160/50 g.   640 rub. 
Beefsteak with rocked salad and Parmesan
Beefsteak with rocked salad, “Cherry” tomatoes and Parmesan  garnished with potatoes in aromatic herbs
160/120/10 g.  680 rub. 
Beefsteak with porcini sauce
Beefsteak with porcini sauce, garnished with grilled vegetables
160/120/30 g. 670 rub.

Tournedos "Cafe de Paris"

Grilled beefsteak with "Cafe de Paris" butter, garnished with grilled vegetables and potato with skin

160/140 g. 620 rub.
Beef goulash in red wine with mushrooms, bacon and boiled potatoes 
230/150 g.  480 rub. 
Veal cutlet ''Al Forno''  
Filet of veal with dried tomatoes under Parmesan and Mozarella cheese crust.                       
180/130 g. 830 rub.
National Italian dish from filet of veal with smoked ham and white wine sauce. Served with wild mushroom risotto
 160/150/40 g.  830 rub.
Pork filet ''Red Pepper''
Filet of pork in red pepper and creamy wine sauce with steamed wild  rice and vegetables
150/120/30 g.   530rub.
Pork roll with wild mushroom sauce
Filet of pork stuffed with asparagus and cheese in mushroom sauce, served with mashed potatoes
180/200/30 g.  570 rub. 
Pork medallions with mushrooms sauce
Medallions with champignon sauce, French fries and steamed vegetables
150/200/60 g.   530 rub. 

Viltshaer  pork 
Sauteed pork with prunes, mushrooms, honey and soy sauce with rise

230/140 g.   450 rub.
Pork and chicken skewers in bacon with vegetables, potatoes and tomato salsa
180/140/50 g. 450 rub. 
Lamb “Sicilian style”
Lamb cutlets  with Italian herbs crust on the bed of fennel with baked potato
160/150 g.   790 rub. 
Lamb in Lebanon style
Lamb cutlets marinated in coriander with garlic and cumin on the bed of rice
140/160 g.   780 rub. 
Duck breast with cranberry sauce 
Filet of duck with cranberry sauce on bed of mashed potatoes and bailed carrots
180/180/50 g.  790 rub. 

Duck breast with blackberry sauce

Duck filled with blackberry sauce, garnished with mashed potatoes and onion chips

180/180/50 гр  790 rub.
Filet of chicken with pesto sauce
Filet of chicken with cream sauce, basil garnished with Italian pasta tagliatelle
160/120/40 g. 460 rub. 

Filet of chicken with cheese "Mozarella" and rocket salat

Filet of chicken stuffed with cheese "Mozarela", rocket salad

and pine nuts garnished with grilled zuccini and paprika.

 180/130 g.   490 rub. 
Chocolate-coffee mousse 
Mousse of milk chocolate with yoghurt cream and blueberry
90 g. 140 rub.
Cheesecake with raspberry sauce 
Dessert made from Philadelphia cheese with raspberry syrup
140/40 g.  230 rub.
Pistachio parfait
Pistachio cream with cherry syrup
110 g. 170 rub.

Tart with forest berries

French short cake whith wild berries

140 g. 150 rub.
Delicious Italian dessert with Mascarpone cheese cream, espresso and bisciut
120 g. 190 rub.

"Bavarese cream"

Italian cream of "Philadelphia" cheese with orange zest and cinnamon

160/30 g. 140 rub.


Chocolate cake with a layer of peach jam

120 g. 150 rub.

Honey cake

Traditional Russian honey short-cake with custard

140 g. 140 rub.
Cake “Alexander” 
Nut biscuit with chocolate, nut cream and blueberry
 140 g.  185 rub.

Cake "Spanish wind"

Puffed cake with nut cream

100 g. 185 rub.
Yogurt cake
Yogurt cake with mixed pineapple, peach and blueberry
130 g.  155 rub. 
Fruit platter 700 g.  420 rub.

Chocolate dessert

Cream of Beldian chocolate with crispy short-cake and almond slices

65 g/ 120 rub.
At Your choice: with caramel, 
chocolate or fruit syrup
150/20 g.   180 rub.