Mozzarella ''Genovesse'' 
Bacon stuffed with '' Mozzarella'' cheese, 
grilled with eggplant and ''Genovese'' sauce
190 g. 460 rub.

 Mushrooms with Alpen Blue.

Breaded mushrooms with Alpen Blue cheese and tartar sauce

180/30/40 g. 350 rub.
Snails bourguignon 
Traditional French hot appetizer
130/110 g. 850 rub.
Mussels ''Ligurian Style''
Marinaded mussels under Parmesan cheese crust
160/50 g. 460 rub.

Risotto "Porcini"

Risotto with porcini mushrooms, ehite vine and parmesan

270 g. 370 rub.
Risotto ''Frutti di Mare'' 
Traditional Italian dish cooked from rice with mussels, octopus, shrimps and cuttlefish
  350 g.   520 rub.
Risotto “Al Verde”
Risotto with wild mushrooms, smoked ham and parmesan
300 g.   440 rub.