''Filetto Rossini''  
Beefsteak with proscuitto, ''Groer'' cheese and truffle
190/120/10 g.  730 rub. 
Beefsteak ''Red Wine''  
Grilled beefsteak with red wine sauce and grilled vegetables
160/120/50 g.   650 rub. 
Beefsteak “Pepper”  
Beefsteak in spicy green pepper with French fries and steamed vegetables
160/160/50 g.   640 rub. 
Beefsteak with rocked salad and Parmesan
Beefsteak with rocked salad, “Cherry” tomatoes and Parmesan  garnished with potatoes in aromatic herbs
160/120/10 g.  680 rub. 
Beefsteak with porcini sauce
Beefsteak with porcini sauce, garnished with grilled vegetables
160/120/30 g. 670 rub.

Tournedos "Cafe de Paris"

Grilled beefsteak with "Cafe de Paris" butter, garnished with grilled vegetables and potato with skin

160/140 g. 620 rub.
Beef goulash in red wine with mushrooms, bacon and boiled potatoes 
230/150 g.  480 rub. 
Veal cutlet ''Al Forno''  
Filet of veal with dried tomatoes under Parmesan and Mozarella cheese crust.                       
180/130 g. 830 rub.
National Italian dish from filet of veal with smoked ham and white wine sauce. Served with wild mushroom risotto
 160/150/40 g.  830 rub.
Pork filet ''Red Pepper''
Filet of pork in red pepper and creamy wine sauce with steamed wild  rice and vegetables
150/120/30 g.   530rub.
Pork roll with wild mushroom sauce
Filet of pork stuffed with asparagus and cheese in mushroom sauce, served with mashed potatoes
180/200/30 g.  570 rub. 
Pork medallions with mushrooms sauce
Medallions with champignon sauce, French fries and steamed vegetables
150/200/60 g.   530 rub. 

Viltshaer  pork 
Sauteed pork with prunes, mushrooms, honey and soy sauce with rise

230/140 g.   450 rub.
Pork and chicken skewers in bacon with vegetables, potatoes and tomato salsa
180/140/50 g. 450 rub. 
Lamb “Sicilian style”
Lamb cutlets  with Italian herbs crust on the bed of fennel with baked potato
160/150 g.   790 rub. 
Lamb in Lebanon style
Lamb cutlets marinated in coriander with garlic and cumin on the bed of rice
140/160 g.   780 rub. 
Duck breast with cranberry sauce 
Filet of duck with cranberry sauce on bed of mashed potatoes and bailed carrots
180/180/50 g.  790 rub. 

Duck breast with blackberry sauce

Duck filled with blackberry sauce, garnished with mashed potatoes and onion chips

180/180/50 гр  790 rub.
Filet of chicken with pesto sauce
Filet of chicken with cream sauce, basil garnished with Italian pasta tagliatelle
160/120/40 g. 460 rub. 

Filet of chicken with cheese "Mozarella" and rocket salat

Filet of chicken stuffed with cheese "Mozarela", rocket salad

and pine nuts garnished with grilled zuccini and paprika.

 180/130 g.   490 rub.