Spaghetti ''Marinara''  
Italian pasta with selected seafood, tomatoes and basil
350 g. 560 rub.
Spagetti "Extravaganza" 330 g. 490 rub.
Fussili with salmon and zucchini
Italian pasta with salmon sauce, zucchini, white wine, cream and dill
320 g.  460 rub. 

 Fusilli with turkey and Alpen Blue cheese.

Italian pasta in cream sauce with Alpen Blue cheese with turkey and broccoli

320 g. 440 rub.

Penne with chicken and arugula pesto

Penne in creamy sauce with arugula Pesto and chicken

320 g. 390 rub.
Fettucini with beef, tomato sauce, olives and capers
 320 g.   460 rub. 
Tagliatelli with smoked ham and mushrooms
Italian pasta in creamy sauce with ham and mushrooms
  320 g.  410 rub. 
Spaghetti in creamy sauce with crispy bacon and Parmesan
320 g.  390 rub.