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Menu homemade dishes

Salmon (red) caviar
Cooled salmon caviar, served with pancakes, butter and a shot of vodka

30/120/30g 390 rub

Herring andpotatoes

Slightly salted herring and potatoes with butter and pickled onions

150/130 g 270 rub

Beef tongue
Cooled beef tongue with horseradish sauce

150/60g 430 rub

Homemade boiled horse-flesh sausage

150/100g 520 rub


Marinated gherkins, tomatoes, mushrooms, sauerkraut.

350g 310 rub


Homemade salad with boiled beef, vegetabls and weakly-marinated cucumbers.

240 g 270 rub


Broth with pelmeny and homemade noodles

250g 140 rub

Soup made of veal and combination of smoked meat and capers

250g 190 rub

Schi (National cabbage soup) 
Cabbage soup made of sauerkraut with beef, stewed in a pot, served with a crispy puff pastry

250g 170 rub


Russian hot appetizer with mushrooms,sour cream and chicken

110g 195 rub

Vareniki with mushrooms

Russian mushroom pelmeny baked in sour crean

300 g 295 rub


Traditional Russian dish

260/90 g 310 rub

Homemade pike perch

Pike perch filled with grilled vegetabls bu homemade recipe 

180/150/30 g 540 rub

Grilled pike-perch

Pike-perch fillet with garlic sauce and grilled vegetable

150/200/30 g 550 rub

Beef tongue with horseradich sauce

Boiled beef tongue and steamed vegetables with creamy horseradish sauce

160/220/50 g 550 rub

Porkchop with mushrooms

Porkshop under mushroom crust with buckwheat porridge

160/160/10 g 460 rub

Beef stroganoff

Veal goulash with mushrooms in a creamy sauce.Served with boiled potatoes 

180/150 g 470 rub

Jugged meat

Chichen with vegetables and herbs baked under crust of layer dough

380 g 350 rub