Chocolate-coffee mousse 
Mousse of milk chocolate with yoghurt cream and blueberry
90 g. 140 rub.
Cheesecake with raspberry sauce 
Dessert made from Philadelphia cheese with raspberry syrup
140/40 g.  230 rub.
Pistachio parfait
Pistachio cream with cherry syrup
110 g. 170 rub.

Tart with forest berries

French short cake whith wild berries

140 g. 150 rub.
Delicious Italian dessert with Mascarpone cheese cream, espresso and bisciut
120 g. 190 rub.

"Bavarese cream"

Italian cream of "Philadelphia" cheese with orange zest and cinnamon

160/30 g. 140 rub.


Chocolate cake with a layer of peach jam

120 g. 150 rub.

Honey cake

Traditional Russian honey short-cake with custard

140 g. 140 rub.
Cake “Alexander” 
Nut biscuit with chocolate, nut cream and blueberry
 140 g.  185 rub.

Cake "Spanish wind"

Puffed cake with nut cream

100 g. 185 rub.
Yogurt cake
Yogurt cake with mixed pineapple, peach and blueberry
130 g.  155 rub. 
Fruit platter 700 g.  420 rub.

Chocolate dessert

Cream of Beldian chocolate with crispy short-cake and almond slices

65 g/ 120 rub.
At Your choice: with caramel, 
chocolate or fruit syrup
150/20 g.   180 rub.