Tiger shrimps "Cajun"

Grilled tiger shtrimps in spice with avocado puree and a mix of lettuce and herbs

160/150 g. 650 rub.
Tiger shrimps ''Romesco'' 
Grilled tiger shrimps with tomato, almond and fruit vinegar sauce
 110/130/80 гр  690 руб 
Tiger shrimps with fennel and avocado 
Grilled tiger shrimps garnished with fennel, tomato and avocado
 120/180/10 гр  690 руб

Seabass with smoked mussels

Filet of seabass with smoked mussels, pine nuts and white wine sauce with mashed potatoes and grilled lime

160/200/60 g. 790 rub.

Gilt-head bream "Nisoaz"

Filet of gilt-head bream, baked with black olives, capers and white wine.

Served with boiled potatoes and fennel.

150/150/40 g. 730 rub.

Gilt-head bream "Provence stile"

Filet of gilt-head bream. grilled with sauce of tomatoes, capers and olive oil,

garnished with spinach and potatoes.

150/180/40 g. 740 rub.
Salmon with avocado sauce 
Grilled filet of salmon with avocado and lime sauce garnished with rice  and broccoli
160/120/60 g. 650 rub.
Steamed salmon
Steamed salmon with broccoli, carrot and zucchini
160/150 g.  580 rub.
Salmon “Cajun”  
Steamed salmon with broccoli, carrot and zucchini
 160/150 g.  610 rub.

Salmon with pine nuts salsa

Filet of salmon grilled with salsa of pine nuts, olives and olive oil garnished with potatoes and spinach

180/150/30 гр   610 rub.

Salmon with creamy pistachio sauce

Filet of salmon grilled with pistacio cream sauce, garnished with rice and steamed vegetables

160/150/40 g. 630 rub.
Trout  “Triestin style”   
Smoked rainbow trout grilled with vegetabls and almond salsa
115/150/20 g.  530 rub.