Gazpacho with avocado and scallops 

Spanish cold tomato soup with tartar of avocado and scallops 

250 g 350 rub
Broccoli potage with porcini   
Creamy broccoli soup with slices of porcini
250 g. 190 rub.
Mushroom cream soup
Creamy soup with fresh mushrooms
250 g.  190 rub. 


Traditional French fish soup

280 g. 370 rub.

Porcini mushrooms cappuccino

Creamy mushroom soup with cream and milk

250 g 250 rub.
Salmon soup 
Creamy soup with salmon and green herbs
250 g.  240 rub. 

Minestrone with cheese tortellini

Italian soup with vegetables, tomatoes and cheese tortellini

250 g. 210 rub.
With vegetables, egg and noodle
250 g.   130 rub.